Acceleration Approach

Our acceleration approach is based on global best practices combined with our 5+ years working as a team supporting startups and our own experience as founders. We are industry and stage agnostic, supporting startups at any stage, from idea to scaling and beyond. We focus on what your startup needs, not slapping a “one-size-fits-all” framework on it and calling you accelerated. We don’t waste your time with workshops that don’t address your needs or endless nonsense. We generally work only with startups we intend to invest in, and establish clear roadmaps towards that goal. Because we work with private money, we are very selective with the startups we invest time and money in, allowing us to provide strong support to each startup. Our support focuses on the five pillars of early-stage startup success: product, go-to-market, team, investment, and network.

Product: It’s a long way between a product that solves a problem and  a product users love. Our team has extensive experience creating successful products, including products recognized as best in class by industry leaders.

Go-to-Market:  how do you go from zero users, to your first 100, 1,000, 1,000,000, and beyond? Go to market strategy entails more than Facebook ads. Our team has experience going from launch to scale with both b2b and consumer products.

Team: If we’re working with you it means we already believe in your team. But growing startups beyond the first founders can be tricky. Startups that can’t attract the right early hires fail. We help our teams source and evaluate potential members, bringing industry experts to support interviewing. We also help teams build compensation strategies to motivate long-term performance.

Investment:  the world is full of cash. But terms and value-added matter. Startups must approach investment strategically, with an eye towards their exit strategy. We work with teams to build product and business roadmaps ensuring development and actions are aligned with resources. Taking too much or too little investment, not timing it right, and where the money comes from does matter. We help teams work through this, actively supporting their investment strategy and ongoing fundraising.

Network: Networking doesn’t mean endless events and handshakes. We approach networking strategically. We don’t claim to know everybody, but what we do know is how to identify the people you need and get you in front of them.

Unlike many programs, we take equity rather than cash for the support and resources we provide. This aligns our incentive with the success of the startup.

Questions? Email us. Or better yet–stop in for  coffee. We’re headquartered at Cluj Business Center, in the heart of Cluj.