Ebriza is a cloud-based app store for Horeca businesses, brining  new capabilities to their POS
status:  invested in by Risky Business
SkillView provides a smart skill-inventory, making sure people and projects are optimally matched.
status:  invested in by Risky Business
Boost is a revolutionary transportation app that ensures clients can always get a ride immediately
status:  accelerating
Frisbo is like Uber for warehouses and logistics.
status:  invested in by Risky Business
Zigzad is  an automatic advertising solution for e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify
status:  accelerating
Mushin is a shared music experience based on AI that helps bring the music everybody wants to public spaces
status:  accelerating
Nifty LAS is a learning administration solution for managing corporate training.
status:  pre-accelerated by Risky, pre-seed by external investors.
Exige is an automatic inventory management and optimization solution for e-commerce platforms.
status:  accelerating
Brainy Ant  allows users to “rent” robots virtually, so that they are able to control them via the code they write
status: accelerating
Data-flow combines real-time monitoring with an innovative way of visualizing your service UX and UI.
status: pre-accelerating
Motonest is the direct connection between riders and companies who provide services for riders around the world.
status: pre-accelerating

stay tuned–more startups on the way!

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Startups from previous programs created and ran by the Risky Business team, including the NGO Spherik Accelerator (July 2014-January 2017)

Printivate provides automatic repair & optimization for 3D models, making the process more efficient, saving both time and material for both hobbyists and professionals
status:  acquired by 3D Hubs in Amsterdam
Planable is a SaaS solution for social media planning and collaboration in a visual interface
status:  1st preseed during program, Draper University sponsored by program, accepted to TechStars London w/$120k investment
AIris Vision provides AI visual and audio recognition even for low-end devices, without  GPU acceleration. It can recognize and classify objects in real time, while also locating and tracking them.
status:  received investment, raising seed round
Approd is a platform that helps you create your company in just 5 minutes by typing information only once, thus reducing workload and slaying bureaucracy for young companies in Romania.
status:  profitable, growing marketshare
Halftone Pro is a suite for easy creation of complex, algorithmic-based designs, which normally take hours to make
status:  angel investment, profitable
Buy & Help is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to support causes and NGOs through everyday online shopping
status:  profitable
Fotocolaj is a platform for creating personalized and unique printed memorabilia and gifts with just a few clicks, requiring no tech skills from the users
status:  profitable
Visitor Analytics  provides website analytics for the regular, non-technical user, being easy to understand and integrate with one’s website
status:  profitable